Jean-Baptiste Jupille's monument

This bronze monument of young boy, Jean-Baptiste Jupille, struggling against a rabid dog can be seen in the garden of the Institut Pasteur in Paris1. The statue is a work by Emile-Louis Truffot started in 1886. Jupille, a young sheperd, was the second person ever inoculated by Louis Pasteur against rabies in July 1885, after Alsatian boy Joseph Meister. In later years, both Jupille and Meister worked at the Institut Pasteur.

  • Photo by Rosa Longo (February 2012), courtesy of the Institut Pasteur.


- Georges Lafenestre, Le Livre d'or du Salon de peinture et de sculpture: catalogue descriptif des oeuvres récompensées et des principales oeuvres hors concours, Librairie des Bibliophiles, Paris 1886, p. 65

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