Jonathan Hutchinson's home

As remembered by a Blue Plaque on the facade, Jonathan Hutchinson lived in this house of London (15 Cavendish Square), just around the corner of Harley Street.

“In 1874, in his forty seventh year, a move was made westwards from the City home in Finsbury Circus to the more fashionable West End. (…) After much hunting about, he decided on a large house, No. 15 Cavendish Square, next door to the well-known London Physician, Dr Andrew Clark. The house faced South, with a beautiful Square Garden, where the children would enjoy games; and where later they had two excellent tennis courts. (…) The house was only rented at first, but in 1877 the freehold was bought, at a price that somewhat crippled the family resources, and caused much anxiety to both father and mother. It remained the family home for 32 years, until in 1907 Jonathan Hutchinson sold it, and moved to a smaller house, No. 41 Gower St, in order to be close to the Clinical (Post-graduate) museum in Chenies St. (…) Cavendish Square was the scene of much hospitality. Many were the dinners to doctors in those days, especially in the year of his Presidency of the Royal College of Surgeons. In July 1877 a Conversazione of the British Medical Association, consisting of many hundreds of medical men, gathered in its spacious Drawing Rooms – a brilliant affair”1.

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