Joseph Lister's monument

A public memorial to Lord Joseph Lister in London "was unveiled on 13 March 1924. It stands in the middle of the road at the northern end of Portland Place.


The base and pedestal are of grey Aberdeen granite, and on the summit is a large bust in bronze of Lord Lister, with a wreath in front enclosing the first letter of his name.


Below are life-size figures of a woman, representing humanity, and a child holding a garland. One of the woman's hands rests on the child's shoulder, and with the other she points upwards the bust.


On one side of the pedestal is the word 'Surgery', with a device below incorporating the Aesculapian rod and the two-headed serpent, and on the other side the word 'Science', and below this a flaming torch.


On the back of the pedestal are Lister's dates, 1827-1912.


The bronze work on the memorial was carried out by Sir Thomas Brock, RA (1847-1922)"1.

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