Juan de Lugo's tombstone

According to his will, when Juan de Lugo died his body was buried into the Chiesa del Gesù in Rome (Via degli Astalli, 16), next to Piazza del Gesù. The church, commissioned by St. Ignatius of Loyola in 1551, is entrusted to the Society of Jesus, a religious congregation of the Catholic Church. The building works started in 1568 and ended in 1575 under the supervision of the architect Giacomo della Porta, who replaced the original architect Jacopo Barozzi after his death.


Juan de Lugo’s tomb is located in St. Ignatius’ chapel, due to his devotion towards this Saint.


The tombstone, hardly understandable, reads as follow:


  • Photos and main text by Alessandro Dell'Ovo ti.oohay|ovolled.ordnasselA#| and Luca Galbato Muscio ti.orebil|acul.otablag#| (January 2017)


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