Júlio Dinis Casa Museu

The medical career of Júlio Dinis was interrupted several times due to the illness he suffered, which forced him to move to rural environments, such as Ovar.

He lived in Ovar, since 1863, in a typical house named the Casa dos Campos, property of the paternal aunt, D. Rosa Zagalo Gomes Coelho. The house still exists nowadays and it is currently the House-Museum (R. Júlio Dinis 81) which is intended to safeguard a local cultural heritage of national repercussion focused on the XIXth century. The house corresponds to the space occupied by the Júlio Dinis, where the kitchen, the main bedroom, and the living room stand out.

This house has an elongated configuration. The living room gives direct access to the street and the kitchen to the rear. The remaining small divisions are distributed along a long corridor. The noble character attributed to the room, reserving it almost exclusively for receiving visitors, allowed the necessary privacy.

This house was considered a Property of Public Interest, by Government Decree of 1984, and donated by the Bonifácio family to the Municipality of Ovar, in 1989. The opening of the Júlio Dinis House-Museum occurred in the year 1996.

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