Júlio Dinis Statue

Joaquim Guilherme Gomes Coelho, better known by the pseudonym Júlio Dinis, was born on 14th November 1839 in Porto, but lived many years, in a town named Ovar in order to recover from his illness, tuberculosis, which affected not only him but also many people from his Family. He was a great Physician, but he is better known for his literary work. Many of his works have been written in Ovar. As a result, the city of Ovar in order to pay a tribute to one of the most famous figures has decided to make a Statue to honor him.

At Jardim dos Campos, opposite the writer's house, in Ovar, has been built a Bronze Bust on a granite plinth, dating from 1961, by Raul Xavier Belém. It was inaugurated on 24th June of 1966. The Sculptor, also known as Raul Xavier was born in Macau, at that period time, a Portuguese Possession in South China. He was the son and grandson of Chinese women married to Portuguese, he comes to Portugal as a child. State pensioner, he began by attending the General Drawing Course, later enrolling in the Sculpture course, where he took classes with Costa Mota (uncle). It is from this sculptor that he gathers the greatest lessons, through classes and attendance at his studio. He then developed sculpture in direct carving, a technique in which he would become a notable performer. During his professional life, he developed a sculptural work with a classical feature, marked by serenity and the purification of forms, having dedicated himself especially to portraits in statues or busts.


Around the Statue of Júlio Dinis, at Jardim dos Campos, it is surrounded by benches. During the year 2020, as part of the requalification of the Jardim dos Campos, the surrounding public space has been reclassified. In order to pay a tribute to the Physician and writer Júlio Dinis, it has been decided to create in the benches, tile panels, brief extracts from the writer's correspondence. These are reproductions of the originals ones that are being kept nearby in the Library of the Júlio Dinis Casa-Museu, and represent a prelude to the evocative program of 150 years of his death (September 12, 1871/2021). With the printing technique, the Ovar Tile Conservation and Restoration Atelier (ACRA) perpetuates the calligraphy of Júlio Dinis.


Additionally, to this tribute, during the year 2021, the edition of Feira do Livro do Porto, Book Fair of Porto, which takes place at Palácio de Cristal his dedicated to honoring him and his literary work. A similar tribute has also been made at the edition of Feira do Livro which took place in Ovar.

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