Karl Gustav Jung

This page lists items in the database related to German-Swiss anatomist and surgeon Karl Gustav Jung (b. Mannheim, Germany, 7 September 1794; d. Basel, Switzerland, 12 June 1864):

Karl Gustav Jung, the son of a doctor, studied medicine in 1816 in Heidelberg to the Dr. med. PhD. He was formed in Berlin in surgery and ophthalmology further. After he was there exposed to political reprisals, he stayed from 1821 in Paris and emigrated in 1822 to Basel. At first he was a full professor of surgery, anatomy and obstetrics and 1855-1864 in internal medicine at the University of Basel. In the 1820s and 1830s, it contributes substantially to the development of the Medical Faculty of Basel, founding in 1824 the Anatomy Museum of the University of Basel (Anatomischen Museums Basel). He also wrote the renovation of the hospital Bourgeois and the founding of the institute for mentally handicapped children "Zur Hoffnung".

Karl Gustav1 Jung was the grandfather of the psychiatrist Carl Jung.

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