Kensal Green Cemetery

The cemetery is located on the Southern boundary of the London Borough of Brent and the Northern boundary of Kensington & Chelsea.

Kensal Green Station is the one where people have to get off to reach the cemetery and it is on the Bakerloo Line.

The Kensal Green Cemetery opened in 1833 and it was the first commercial cemetery in London.

It is still open and we can find many famous characters, who gave their contibute to the History of Medicine, buried there.

Above all we have two relevant figures: first of all the one of Dr. James Miranda Barry, an Irish military surgeon in the British Army who chose to live as a man, even if he was assigned female at birth, so that he might be accepted as a university student and able to pursue a career as a surgeon; the other one is Alexis Benoit Soyer, a French celebrity chef who tried to alleviate suffering of the Irish poor in the Great Irish Famine.

All the other people are: Archibald Billing (1791-1881), John Bostock (1773-1846), Richard Bright (1789-1858), William Brinton (1823-1867), Soomar Goodeve Chuckerbutty (1826-1874), Richard Clewin (1791-1881), Dr. Albert Isaiah Coffin (1791-1866), Robert Collum (1806-1900), Samuel Cooper (1780-1848), William Coulson (1802-1877), John Croft (1833-1905), George Darling (1782-1862), Robert Druitt (1814-1883), John Elliotson (1791-1868), George Napoleon Epps (1815-1874), John Epps (1805-1869), Arthur Farre (1811-1887), John William Fisher (1788-1876), Samuel Jones Gee (1839-1911), Sir Gibb George Duncan (1821-1876), Dr. James Manby Gully (1808-1883), Charles Robert Bell Keetley (1848-1909), Sir William Knighton (1776-1836), Robert Lee (1793-1877), Sir George William Lefevre (1798-1846), Sir Charles Locock MD FRS DCL (1799-1875), John St. John Long (1798-1834), James Luke (1799-1881), Sir William MacCormac KCVO (1836-1901), Sir James Ranald Martin FRS FRCS CB (1793-1874), Sir James McGrigor (1771-1858), Sir William McKenzie MD KCB CSI (1811-1895), James Morison (1770-1840), Sir James Mouat VC KCB QHS (1899), George Pilcher (1801-1855), Dr. Frederick Hervey Foster Quin (1799-1878), Edward Rigby (1804-1860), Frederick Salmon (1795-1868), Sir Charles Scudamoreq 1779-1849), Edward Cator Seaton (1815-1880), Robert Bentley Todd (1809-1860), Rear Admiral Henry Dundas Trotter (1802-1859), Dr. David Unwins (1780-1837) and Robert Wade (1798-1872).


This picture shows the main entrance of the cemetery.


This is a partial view of the Northern area of the cemetery.

  • Main text and Photos by Francesca d'Agostino moc.liamg|89gadicnarf#| and Giulia Coscarella moc.liamg|alleracsocailuig#| (January 2017).

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