La Casina delle Rose

In the place “La casina delle Rose”, in Rome at Villa Borghese (largo Marcello Mastroianni,1), Edoardo Amaldi remembers, that in the late spring of 1928, and with less frequently in the following year, met a group of students of physics and engineering, before dinner, to told about the news in thefield of studies. The group was consituted by Edoardo Amaldi, Emilio Segre, Ettore Majorana, Giovanni Gentile Jr., and former engineering colleagues of Luciano Majorana (Ettore's brother), Gastone Piquè, Giovanni Enriques and Giovanni Ferro-Luzzi1. This place today is seat of the House of Cinema. Near it is the Cinema dei Piccoli, the world's smallest cinema2.

  • Photos by Lorenzo Peretti ti.ecila|itterepoznerol#| (February 2012)

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