Lambert X-Ray Tube Stand

This X-Ray Tube Stand was manufactured by Levy X-Ray Equipment Company c. 1897-1905 and is currently displayed on the third floor of the International Museum of Surgical Science of Chicago. "The tube stand is an essential piece of equipment in the x-ray process. It holds the x-ray tube in place and allows the operator to move it to many different positions. This tube stand has three different ways to adjust the placement of the tube in order to best reach the area that needs diagnosis or treatment. The tube stand also holds the x-ray tube within a lead-linen box to offer some protection for the patient against exposure. The wooden boxes were later replaced with lead glass bowls because of problems with tubes breaking, the difficulty of keeping the tube clean, and an inability to see how the tube was behaving"1.

  • Photo by Silia Fiore ti.supmacla|eroif.ailis#| (August 2014)

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