Leone Curzi's memorial tablet

This memorial tablet of Leone Curzi was placed on the facade of the old 'Madonna del Soccorso' hospital in San Benedetto del Tronto to celebrate his contributions to medical humanities as a male nurse for about 50 years. On 25th of July in 1925 he was protagonist of the tragedy happened in Torino Street. He rescued to take out from a well four workers, who were stunned by methane exhalations. Leone Curzi went down several times and, although he was already cyanotic for asphyxia, he managed to take out all of them. Unfortunately, none of them survived, but Leone Curzi, for his courage and generous altruism, took the gold medal for civil valour.

The italian inscription states as follows:
''Qui per 50 anni elevò a missione il suo continuo lavoro alleviando le umane sofferenze Leone Curzi, medaglia al valor civile, che il 25/7/1925 volle suggellare il generoso altruismo di cui si nobilitava l’animo suo con il crisma di un atto di purissimo eroismo; il circolo dei sanbenedettesi questa lapide pose il 5/2/1977 per lasciare scolpito imperituro ricordo.''

''Here for 50 years elevated to his continuing mission alleviating the human suffering Leone Curzi, civilian valour medal, who on 25/7/1925 wanted to seal the generous altruism of which his soul was ennobled with a pure act of heroism; on 2/5/1977 the circle of the Sanbenedettesi posed this memorial tablet to leave everlasting memories carved.''

  • Photos by Camilla Dionisi moc.liamg|isinoidallimac#| (Dicember 2013)


- Otello Bizzarri, Un ospedale, un paese… una storia in comune, Banca popolare di San Benedetto del Tronto, San Benedetto del Tronto 1981

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