Leopoldo Faretra's birthplace

Leopoldo Faretra was born on the 2nd of January 1908 in his paternal house in Grottaminarda (Via Corso Vittorio Veneto, Piazza Fontana) from Rocco Felice Faretra and Adelina Vicario. When he was 5, he left his paternal town to study and, then, to work. However he often went to Grottaminarda to visit his parents. In 1947, he settled in Grottaminarda for a while. Here he devoted his life to poor and needy people and he fought against infant mortality. In August 1962, after the earthquake in Irpinia, he sold this house to his nephewes. The house was rebuilt and became magistrate's court until 1992.

View of Grottaminarda

This picture shows Faretra's paternal house where he was born and grew-up. The note, written by Faretra, reads as follows: “RICORDO DELLA VECCHIA CASA PATERNA / (DA CONSERVARE)”.

  • Photos by ti.liamtoh|29.nilyram#aiccuvoC aniliraM (January 2013)


  • Luigi Melucci, Leopoldo Faretra, storia, memoria, etica e resistenza non armata di un irpino, Versi Editori, Grottaminarda 2012, p. 94.

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