Leopoldo Faretra's houses

In 1935 Leopoldo Faretra moved to Rocchetta Sant'Antonio (Piazza Pedoca) where was employed as health officer.
Then he left the town, but he came back there in 1939.
In 1940, he got married to Concetta Maria Vaccaro, an obstetrician of the town.

View of Rocchetta Sant'Antonio

After the Second World War, Cavaliere Francesco Piccolo, a member of the Democrazia Cristiana Party, rented this house out to Leopoldo Faretra. This building is situated in the centre of the town and recently has been rebuilt. In this period, Leopoldo Faretra became the political secretary of the local section of the Socialist Party. When Italy became a Republic in 1946, Faretra celebrated the event with a speech from the balcony of his house. To thwart him, the local Democrazia Cristiana Party organized a march. His political opponents tried to revoke his role as health officer. He worked in Rocchetta Sant'Antonio until 1947.

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