Lord Kelvin's statue

In Belfast Botanic Gardens, at the closer entrance to the Ulster Museum, stands this sculpture of Lord Kelvin.


The inscription on the pedestal summarizes the life of Lord Kelvin:

President of the Royal Society
Chancellor of the University of Glasgow
following 53 years of service in the
chair of natural Philosophy
Pre-eminent in Elucidating
the laws of nature and in applying them
to the service of man


Born William Thomson in Belfast, Lord Kelvin entered Glasgow University at the age of eleven. He went on to Peterhouse College, Cambridge, returning to Glasgow as Professor of Natural History at 22. He held this post until his retirement in 1899. He was made Baron Kelvin of Largs in 1892. His main scientific discoveries were in the field of mechanical energy and heat. Lord Kelvin is buried in Westminster Abbey.

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