Louis Pasteur birthplace

The house in which Louis Pasteur was born (27 December 1822) in Dole, is now a museum devoted to the scientist's life and work: "Acquired in 1911 by the city, Pasteur's Native House, classified as Ancient Monument, was turned into a museum in 1923. Since 1927, the Native House has been under the care of La Société Des Amis De Pasteur, and today, after years of patient research and numerous gifts, the museum represents a unique documentary which recounts in a striking flashback Pasteur's life, familial environment, scientific works and posterity. In the museum there are gathered numerous personal belongings, a collection of his books, various documents and culture media which served his experiments. You will even find paintings by Pasteur. Fully renovated in 1995, for the celebration of the centennial of Pasteur's death, the museum proposes visitors an entirely new presentation of its collections"1.

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