Ludovico Scarampi Mezzarota

Ludovico Scarampi Mezzarota, born as "Lodovico Trevisan" or "Trevisano" (Venice, 14 November 1401 –  Rome, 22 March 1465), was a cardinal, mercenary captain, medical doctor and Italian Catholic Patriarch.

His real name was Ludovico Trevisano, since he was Biagio Trevisano’s son. When he joined ecclesiastical offices (he also became chamberlain cardinal under four popes), he firstly used the Mezzarota’s surname of the maternal family, then he also used Scarampi.

He studied liberal arts in Padua and then, like his father, obtained his doctorate in arts and medicine at the university of Padua on July 9, 1425.
He later became the private physician of Cardinal Gabriele Condulmer shortly before he became Pope with the name of Eugene IV and followed him to Rome, becoming his archiater.

With time Ludovico earned the trust of the Pontiff who, from purely medical matters, began to discuss with him all the most delicate themes.
For this reason, he was exempted from the practice of medicine and started an ecclesiastical career.

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