Luigi Carlo Farini's monument (plaster model)

This plaster model of the marble sculpture of Luigi Carlo Farini made by Enrico Pazzi can be found in the Famedio (hall of fame) of the cemetery of Russi, near Farini's tomb. The sculpture of Pazzi was erected in Ravenna in 1878 and destroyed during a bombing in 1944. The plaster model of the monument was donated by the sculptor to the Municipality of Russi, as can be read on the pedestal. When the remains of Farini, in 1877, were transferred from Turin to Russi, they were placed under the plaster model; afterwards, on the 4th of November 1887, they were removed to the nearby family tomb. Lately, Pazzi's plaster model has been used by sculptor Giannantonio Bucci to make the replica of Farini's monument which was unveiled in Ravenna in 1995.


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