Luigi D'Amato

This page lists items in the database related to Italian pathologist Luigi D'Amato (b. Campochiaro-Campobasso, Italy, 27 January 1874; d. Naples, Italy, 22 November 1951).
Obtained his medical degree in 1897, on May 24th, 1902 he obtained a professorship in Special Medical Pathology and in 1923, winner of competition, became Professor of Pathology and Medical Clinic in the University of Messina; there he remained until 1925, when he was called to the University of Naples to direct the Second Institute of Medical Pathology. He was an expert of the specific immune reactions and proposed an hemolytic reaction which was called, in fact, "Reaction of D'Amato". He died after being named Senator of the Reign for scientific merits.


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