Luigi Galvani's home

Luigi Galvani’s home in Bologna has been preserved and can be seen in the central via Marconi, N.13.

On the facade of the house, now a seat of a bank, there is a medallion with the face of Galvani and double inscription in Italian and Latin: "NATO ACCOLSI GALVANI E PIANSI ESTINTO. PER LUI FU L'UNO ALL'ALTRO POLO AVVINTO - GALVANUM EXCEPI NATUM LUXIQUE PEREMPTUM CUIUS AB INVENTO IUNCTUS UTERQUE POLUS" (I received the newborn Galvani; I cried him dead / He held together both the electric poles).

The memorial tablet was unveiled, without the Municipality permission, in 1858 by the then owner of the building, Francesco Gaiba, a master builder1.

Many of Galvani's famous experiments in physiology and electricity were performed here, with the valuable collaboration of his wife Lucia Galeazzi.

  • Photos by Luca Borghi ti.supmacinu|ihgrob.l#| (May 2007)

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