Luigi Sacco's birthplace

Luigi Sacco, Italian doctor and pioneer of the vaccination against smallpox, was born in Varese (Via Luigi Sacco, 1) in 1769. This is the place in Varese where Luigi Sacco's home used to be, his original home was demolished in 1964 to build the current "Banca D'Italia"1. To celebrate his work, the city of Varese named this street after him2 and unveiled a memorial tablet3 to commemorate the centenary of his birth. This tablet was preserved after the demolition of his home and then collocated on the facade of the Bank. This tablet is found on the wall of the bank and reads as follows: "IN QUESTA CASA NACQUE IL MEDICO \ LUIGI SACCO ADDI' 9. MARZO 1769. \ IL CONSIGLIO COMUNALE \ NEL PRIMO CENTENARIO DA QUELLA NASCITA." (" Luigi Sacco was born in this house on 9th of March 1769. The city council in the first centenary from his birth.").

View of Via Sacco where the tablet is collocated on the wall of "Banca D'Italia"


Memorial tablet of Luigi Sacco

  • Photos and main text by Nicole Ratti ti.liamtoh|ittarelocin#| and Giulia Zucchi moc.liamg|ihccuzailuigzg#| (December 2016)


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