Luigi Teti

This page lists items in the database related to Italian lawyer and hospitl administrator Luigi Teti (b. Sant'Onofrio, Italy, 1891;d. 1962):

Luigi Teti was born in 1891 in Sant'Onofrio. Lawyer and intellectual, he fought during the First World War. After the death of his brother Raffaele Teti, he graduated in Medicine and Surgery and replaced his brother as surgeon. He also administrated the "Raffaele Teti" Surgical Clinic for over 32 years. During his administration was made a memorial tablet in memory of his brother and founder of the clinic.



- Mario Teti, Gente di Sant'Onofrio, ticonzero editore, Sant'Onofrio 1997, pp. 323 (courtesy of Giuseppe Teti, tenured professor at Messina University, Medicine and Surgery faculty, Pathology and Experimental Medicine Department)

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