Maimonides' tomb

According to Jewish tradition the Tomb of Maimonides is placed in Tiberias. He died Fustat (place now known as Cairo) on 12 December 1204, where he has been buried before being moved in Tiberias. The tomb of Maimonides has become a site of pilgrimage for Jewish. The tomb is placed in a structure in which are buried others philosophers, including his father.

Memorial on the tomb of Maimonides


Maimonides’ memorial tablets

Inside the structure we can find two different memorial tablets in honor of Maimonides.


The photo above shows the first memorial tablet, which says on the left side:
"Maimonides,30 March 1135
13 December 1204"
and on the right side:
"The strong hand and the teacher of the perplexed."

The photo below shows the second memorial tablet, which says:

"The wise men proverb about him, From Moses to Moses, there was no one like Moses."


Maimonides’ tomb

Maimonide's tomb has two different faces, which report two different inscriptions.


"From Moses to Moses, there was no one like Moses
Here rests the ashes
Of the "Great Eagle"
The great one in the theory of wisdom, knowledge and healing
That had brought healing to the flesh and blood kings
The one with a "Strong Hand"
Our Lord Moses the son of Maimonides G.S (Gods Slave)
Was born in 30/03/1135 in Cairo
Died in 13/12/1204 and was barred."


As shown in the picture The Tomb of Maimonides is one of the most important Jewish pilgrimage sites in Israel, and one of Tiberias's most visited tourist attractions.

Maimonides’ father tomb


"Monument the father of the Maimonides.

Our lord Mymon,

Donation of Reoven Cohen & Sons,

God Save him."

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