Manlio Gelsomini

This page lists items in the database related to Italian physician and partisan Manlio Gelsomini (b. Rome, Italy, 9 November 1907; d. Rome, Italy, 24 March 1944):


He was an Italian sprinter, military and partisan, slaughtered at the Fosse Ardeatine.
He graduated in medicine and surgery in 1931 and he had successfully undertaken the profession of doctor at the Policlinico Umberto I in Rome.
After 8 September, the medical officer took part in the fighting of Porta S. Paolo, when, following the armistice between Italy and the Allies, the German army was ordered to seize Rome. He then joined the clandestine military Front of Montezemolo organizing the military stragglers north of Rome (Concentration of Monte Soratte). He participated in sabotage against the Germans while continuing to carry out the health activity; a spy made him capture, while he went to watch a wounded man. Arrested, he was tortured and then ended up in the group of shotguns at Fosse Ardeatine the day after the attack on Via Rasella. He was awarded the gold medal for military valor for memory.1

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