Maria Bertilla Boscardin's church

This church was dedicated to Maria Bertilla Boscardin and is located in Vicenza (Via Ozanam, 1). Around 1945, after the war there was a rapid and intense development in the west of Vicenza and in 1955 a temporary church was built; going forward in the years the number of faithful increased to become 3500. It was therefore necessary to build a new church that would accommodate everyone. On July 23, 1961, the new parish, designed by engineer Serblin, was erected; it was then blessed on November 4, 1964, and dedicated to Santa Maria Bertilla.

The building has got a polygonal map, lit by stained glass and a lantern dome supported by reinforced concrete structures. On the main facade there is an altarpiece depicting the phases of the life of the saint. While on the front side there is a stone altarpiece depicting the saint praying.

  • Photos and main text by Alessia Bellotto moc.liamg|85.ottolleb.aissela#| and Valentina Blasi moc.liamg|79.isalb.v#| (January 2017)

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