Maria Bertilla Boscardin's statue

This statue represents Maria Bertilla Boscardin with some children. It is located in the garden of her home in Brendola. In 1907 Sister Bertilla was designated to work at the children's diphtheria ward at Treviso's hospital (today Ca' Foncello's Hospital). She was a nurse focused on her patients, more than on herself. The children suffering from this infectious disease were taken away from their families and arrived at the hospital agitated and desperate. But Sister Bertilla knew how to calm them and knew "to become the mother of all." The doctors of the department remember these clusters of children clinging to her, seeking protection and comprehension , that she never denied them. The children became too fond of Sister Bertilla that when leaving the hospital they felt very sad. Also repeatedly she had assisted the medical staff in some procedures, including intubation, very frequent to counteract the airway obstruction caused by diphtheria.

  • Photos and main text by Alessia Bellotto moc.liamg|85.ottolleb.aissela#| and Valentina Blasi moc.liamg|79.isalb.v#| (January 2017)


  • Emidio Federici, Santa Maria Bertilla Boscardin, M. Pisani, Isola del Liri 1960, pp. 178-182

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