Maria Montessori's house

According to some documents in possession of the Montessori Foundation, Rome, the house of Maria Montessori was at number 5 of Via Principessa Clotilde and not at number 7, as displayed in these pictures. We'll try to have the photos of the correct building as soon as possible.

Physician and educator Maria Montessori lived since 1911 in this house, that looks onto Piazza del Popolo, in the centre of Rome (via Principessa Clotilde, 7), with her son Mario M.Montessori.

The first International Course for the training of teachers took place in this house in January 1913: hundred of teachers from different countries met here, all fascinated by Montessori's pedagogical theories1.

  • Photos by Flavia Filippi moc.liamg|aivalf.ippilif#| (November 2011)

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