Matteo Tafuri's birthplace

The house of Matteo Tafuri
The residence where the famous philosopher, physician, astrologer and mathematician of the sixteenth century was born is located in Soleto in a street named after him.


The hall is delimited by a characteristic arched portal in Durazzo-Catalan style, symbol of the Renaissance architectural movement in the south of Italy and emblem of some private residences that mixed the elements of a house with those of a place of defense.


The theory of Tafuri's albanian origin is confirmed by the two-headed eagle on the portal.1


The house is very small and is in a poor state of preservation. In the hall there are the remains of a fallen architrave with this inscription: « HUMILE SO ET HUMILTA' ME BASTA. DRAGON DIVENTARO' SE ALCUN ME TASTA». Matteo Tafuri expressed in these words his quiet and humble temper communicating it to the local people and each one passed by his residence. He warned that he could turn into a dragon if anybody bothered him or laughed at him.2


In a small access opening on the left of the house a well curb can be seen, it is decorated but damaged owing to the passage of water pipes.

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