Matteo Tafuri's portrait

A portrait of Matteo Tafuri is included in the painting of the Virgin of the Rosary attributed to Lavinio Zoppo from Galatina (1580), which is preserved in the Church of Maria Santissima Assunta in Soleto (Piazza Cattedrale, 1).

It seems as if the old philosopher wants to be reconciled with the Church and he is near Saint Dominic.1. Under his portrait, there are the penultimate archpriest of Greek rite Nicola Viva, the Archbishop Pietro Antonio Di Capua, Pope Pius V and King Philip II of Spain. On the right, the Queen of Spain, Anne of Austria (wife and niece of Philip II) and Eleanor, the sister of Charles V, are represented. Just above there are the counts of Soleto Nicholas Bernardino Sanseverino and his wife Princess Isabella della Rovere of Urbino, St. Catherine of Siena and some women of the people.

  • Photos by moc.liamg|anehcul.otrebla#anehcuL otreblA (December 2012)


- Luigi Manni, "La guglia, l'astrologo, la macàra", C.R.S.E.O. LE/42, Galatina 2004

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