Memorial Tablet of the Professors of chemistry

This marble tablet can be seen in the atrium of Ciamician Chemistry Department, in Bologna.
It’ s positioned in a corner dedicated to the renowned chemist Giacomo Ciamician.
On this tablet, there is a list of the names of all the Chemistry Professors of the University, organized in a chronological order based on the periods of teaching, including Jacopo Bartolomeo Beccari and Giuseppe Meneghini (respectively first and second).
Besides being the second person to obtain the chair, Giuseppe Meneghini was the only one that maintains it just for a single year, as observable on the tablet itself.


  • Photos and main text by Daniele Calabria moc.liamg|9991airbalaceleinad#| and Chiara Surace moc.liamg|89ecarus.araihc#| (December 2018)

Dipartimento di Chimica Giacomo Ciamician, da, Museo, descrizione.

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