Middlesex Hospital (disappeared)

"The Middlesex Hospital, situated in Fitzrovia", London, "was established in 1745. It was one of the 'voluntary hospitals' - including Guy's, the Westminster and the (Royal) London - which were founded by groups of charitable donors to supplement the hospitals that had grown out of medieval monasteries such as St.Bartholomew's, Bethlem and St Thomas's. Like several other such institutions, it was named not after a saint or parish but after its county, Middlesex being the county that included most of the present Greater London north of the river Thames.
The Middlesex Hospital closed in 2005, and its functions were transferred to University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. In 2008, the Hospital building was demolished, and in 2009 the 'Acts of Mercy', previously displayed in its entrance hall, were acquired by the Wellcome Library to add to the Library's extensive collection of pictures dating from the 14th to the 21st century"1.

Among the physicians related to Middlesex Hospital there was healthcare reformer Joseph Rogers.

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