Miguel Torga's monument

After studying Medicine at the Coimbra University, Miguel Torga lived and worked in this house of Coimbra (Largo da Portagem), for more than fifty years. His doctor's office was above a Bank named Banco Montepio Geral and this Bank still exists nowadays. Nowadays, Torga's consulting room is related to another important Portuguese physician, Germano de Sousa, who was the President of the Order of Doctors from 1999 until 2004. He established renowned Laboratory Medicine Centers, named Germano de Sousa Centro de Medicina Laboratorial, in several places of the country. In Coimbra it occupies the place where in the past was the medical office of Miguel Torga.


In 1997, a monument to the memory of Miguel Torga was unveiled on the facade of the building. The Portuguese inscription reads as follows: "Miguel Torga / Dr. Adolfo Rocha. / 1907-1995 / Poeta e Médico / que, por mais de meio século, / exerceu as suas actividades / neste edifício. / 22 Outubro 1997" (Miguel Torga Dr. Adolfo Rocha. Poet and Doctor who, for over half a century, has been active in this building. 22nd October 1997).

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