Monument to the eight medical students

This monuments can be seen in “Parque Martires del 71” in Havana.
The temple was built in 1890, in memory of one of the most cruel episode of the Havana history.
In 1871 the University of Cuba was one of the main propaganda poles of the emancipatory struggle that began three years before. On November 24, the first year medical students were waiting for the anatomy professor at the anatomical amphitheater located near the cemetery, but the absence of the professor prompted the students to attend the anatomy lesson of Dr. Domingo Fernández Cubas.
Five students entered passing through the cemetery, one took a flower and 4 climbed and drove the tractor that carried the corpses to the dissection. The custodian, annoyed by the act, unjustly accused them of having scratched the glass above the grave of the journalist Gonzalo Castañón.
The government used the false accusation as a means to expand its power over those who proved to be "emancipated" and laid down the maximum penalty for the 5 students reported and for 3 of their colleagues randomly selected in order to prove their hegemony over anyone he wanted to oppose it. On November 27, 1871, the unjust execution of the eight first-year medical students was witnessed.

Inside can be found a part of original wall used to execute the students.


A plate bears the inscription:
"El 27 de noviembre de 1871 fueron sacrificados frente a este sitio por los voluntarios españoles de La Habana los ocho jóvenes cubanos estudiantes del 1er año de medicina Alonso Álvarez de la Campa, Carlos Augusto de la Torre, Pascual Rodríguez y Pérez, Ángel Laborde, José de Marcos y Medina, Eladio González y Toledo, Anacleto Bermúdez y Carlos Verdugo. Y para eterna memoria se les dedica esta lápida el 27 de noviembre de 1899."
(THE 27 OF NOVEMBER 1871 were scarified in front of this site by the Spanish volunteers of the Havana the eight young Cubans of the first years of medicine:
Alonso Alvarez de La Campa, Carlos Augusto De La Torre, , Pascual Rodriguez Perez, Angel Laborde, Jose De Marcos Medina, Eladio Gonzalez Toledo, Anacleto Bermudez, Calos Verdugo Andando;
And for eternal memory this gravestones is dedicated on 27 November 1899 offering of “the discussion")


Every years, in 27 November, a cortege of all the Havana school grade student start from emblematic staircase of the University of Havana to the monument commemorating the eight students where an event take place with the most important cuban figures.
In the first manifestation on 27 November,1891 José Martí (National cuban hero, leader of the cuban independence movement and founder of the cuban revolutionary party) declare the famous frase:
"Cantemos hoy, ante la tumba inolvidable, el himno de la vida" (Let us sing today, before the unforgettable tomb, the hymn of life ")


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