Museo dei Sanatori di Sondalo

The Museo dei Sanatori di Sondalo can be visited in Sondalo (via Zubiani, 33).

"The museum tells the story of the sanatoria built in Valtellina during the Twentieth century with the aim to fight tuberculosis with the beneficial effects of alpine pure air and sunshine. A unique collection of old objects and images testifies to the birth and activity of the ex Sanatorium City of Sondalo, nowadays “Eugenio Morelli” Hospital. The exhibition takes place in the rooms formerly designed for the patients’ registration.

The first section of the exhibition itinerary is dedicated to the topic of disease. (…) The second section of the exhibition itinerary is dedicated to the topic of therapy and sanatoria. (…) The last section of the exhibition itinerary is dedicated to the Sanatorium City of Sondalo, in the italian Alps"1.


Nurse's uniform


Asclepius' lamp for the disinfection of closed places


Sanatorium map and spittoon


Apparatus for Carlo Forlanini's artificial pneumothorax


Chaise longue for sanatorium's patients

  • Photos by Michele Riva (January 2020)

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