Museo di Storia della Medicina Dr. Ottavio Badessa

The Municipality of Villafranca Tirrena, in Messina's province, hosts the Museo di Storia della Medicina Dr. Ottavio Badessa (Via Rovere, 1).

The homonymus museum was founded in 2004 and houses a precious collection donated by his son Dr. Paolo Badessa.
The collection includes perfectly functioning medical and surgical instruments of all kinds and specialites, collected for over forty years in many Western Countries and dating back to a period between the mid-1700s and the mid-1900s, as a testimony to how science has evolved over the centuries.1

The museum’s logo is represented by a buggy, universal simbol of the Municipal Doctor.
Indeed Ottavio Badessa used to do the home visits with the buggy whit the blue bellows and the coachman who drove it.2


Straitjackets used to force to immobility patients with mental illness


Electroshock device based on the induction of convulsions in the patient by passing an electric current through the brain


Surgical box used in battlefields containing instruments with an ebony handle, dating back to the end of the 1700s


Thoracentesis box used in cases of pleural effusion


Clinic's plaque

  • Photos and main text by Federica Bruschetta moc.liamg|surb.aciredef#| and Fabio Smedile moc.liamg|01lidemsoibaF#| (January 2019)
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