Museo di Storia della Medicina (MUSME)

The MUSME (Museo di Storia della Medicina) is a museum located in Padua (via San Francesco, 94), inside the former Ospedale di San Francesco Grande’s building, restored by the Province of Padua in order to host a museum that underlines the fundamental role of the Scuola Medica Padovana in the context of European universities’ activity between XV and XVI century A.D.


The innovative museum, which was inaugurated June 5, 2015, combines past with future, history with technology. It narrates the voyage of the Scuola di Medicina Padovana, ranging between ancient objects, interactive exhibits and multimedia games, by illustrating Human Body’s secrets following the order in which they were discovered.


Thanks to its strong technological features, the MUSME addresses to everyone, suggesting an expositive course that fits itself with the visitor: from jocular narrations for children to scientific in-depth analysis for students. In particular is well considered by schools for its didactic aim.

The paduan museum’s route consists in visiting eight rooms, that are:

  • Photos and main text by Fabrizio D'Amuri moc.liamg|oizirbafirumad#| and Matteo Del Vecchio ti.oohay|85oihccevledm#| (December 2016)
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