Museo di Strumentaria Medica

On the 29th of September 2017, the Medical Instrumentation Museum of Siena has been inaugurated into a suggestive eighteenth-century church, devoted to Santa Maria Maddalena and located in the downtown of Siena.

The church of Santa Maria Maddalena was built in 1539 when it was entrusted to a group of Augustinian nuns.
Today, the religious building and the scientific equipment exhibited in the museum are property of the University of Siena.1.

The museum is part of the SIMUS (University museum system of Siena) and it has been made to safeguard the medical instrumentation that comes not only from the millennial hospital of Santa Maria della Scala but also from different academic institutions and from numerous donations.

The external fa├žade of the church


The internal set-up


All the exhibits are examples of the development of medicine and of its teaching from the XVII to the XX centuries.

In fact, among the items showed there are several medical machines that show the evolution of medical technologies.

An obstetric table of the XIX century


A mortuary slab


In addition, other important tools are the ones linked to medicine learning; in fact, through them, it is possible to understand how a lecturer used to teach the students.

Some of the anatomical models and of the scientific tools showed in the museum


The scientific equipments are kept in some showcase located in the central nave of the church.

The handbag of the General Practitioner


Every instrumentation is provided with a description written in Italian, English and Braille language.

The showcase regarding the obstetrical items with its description


Moreover, to make more interactive the visit of the museum, it is also equipped with some displays that play videos regarding three-dimensional reconstruction of organs.

  • Photos and main text by Federica Valcarenghi moc.liamg|aciredefihgneraclav#| and Giulia Palmieri moc.liamg|89ailuigmlap#| (December 2017), courtesy of Dr. Davide Orsini, director of the Museum

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