Museo Leonardiano

The "Museo Leonardiano" can be found in Vinci (Piazza dei Conti Guidi,1). It is divided in two section: the first one is the “Palazzina Uzielli”; the second one is the “Castello dei Conti Guidi”. In the Palazzina Uzielli a section of anatomy has been inaugurated on November 19th, 2016. It picks up detailed descriptions and representations of the anatomical pictures of Leonardo da Vinci. The truthfulness of its studies derives from a direct study of the human body (through dissections) and from his ability to represent the truth. Inside the museum it is possible to see molds, realized according to the descriptions of Leonardo. One of this represents the internal organs, while another represents limbs. Inside particular attention is paid to the importance of the proportions for Leonardo.
Every part of the body is, for Leonardo, a measure of reference for the other components; in this way he, as an artist, realizes a well proportionate figure and, as an anatomist, finds the correct relationships among the inside and external parts of the body.

The other part of the museum, the Castello dei Conti Guidi, is devoted to the Leonardo’s activity as scientist, engineer and architect.

  • Photos and main text by Giulia Marra ti.supmacla|arram.ailuig#| and Luigi Sogaro ti.supmacla|oragos.igiul#| (December 2016), courtesy of Museo Leonardiano (Vinci)

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