Museum of Comparative Anatomy ''Battista Grassi''

The Museum of Comparative Anatomy ''Battista Grassi'' is located in Rome (Via Alfonso Borelli, 50), and it is dedicated to Giovanni Battista Grassi. It originates, in 1806, from the ''Museo di Mineralogia et Historia Naturalis'' useful to teach Natural Science in the Roman Pontifical Archiginnasio. The first catalogue of the Museum of Comparative Anatomy dates back to 1829, although many items in the museum come from a collection of the jesuit Athanasius Kircher. Currently, the collection contains anatomical and histological preparations, skeletons, and didactic collections of comparative anatomy.1


Front facade of the 'Istituto di Anatomia Umana Normale e Anatomia Comparata ''Battista Grassi'' in Viale Regina Elena, Rome.


Main entrance of the Museum of Comparative Anatomy ''Battista Grassi'' in Via Alfonso Borelli 50, Rome.

  • Photos by Francesco Saverio Loria moc.liamg|airolsocsecnarf#| and Filippo Crisci moc.liamg|79icsircoppilif#| (January 2017), courtesy of Prof. Ernesto Capanna and Prof. Castiglia Riccardo.
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