Niccolò Andria

This page lists items in the database related to Italian physician Francesco Nicola (o Niccolò) Maria Andria (b. Massafra, Italy, 10 September 1747; d. Naples, Italy, 9 December 1814):

Niccolò Andria studied literature, philosophy and mathematics in his hometown. When he was very young, he was sent by his father to Naples to attend university. He first graduated in law, and practised the legal profession for some time. Soon afterwards he began his medical studies, and was a pupil of Domenico Cotugno, Giuseppe Vairo and Francesco Serao. In 1814 he was awarded a knighthood by Joachim Murat, but he died of typhus that same year. He devoted his life mainly to teaching the art of medicine at the University of Naples. After moving to the capital of Campania he never returned to Massafra, but his hometown remembers the name and the work of its illustrious townsman with periodic events and plaques affixed in various parts of the town.


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