Oasi di Santa Bertilla

This chapel was dedicated to Maria Bertilla Boscardin and is located in Ca' Foscari University's branch in Treviso (Piazza dell'Università, 2).

In 1919 Maria Bertilla Boscardin moved back to Treviso, after serving for a year in Varese, in a military sanatorium. For some time, she had been suffering from an incurable tumor, which caused her profound suffering. On October 17, 1922, she underwent surgery at Ca' Foncello's Hospital, but only three days later, on October 20 she died. To the general mother who rushed to her bedside she said: "Tell the sisters to work only for Jesus, only Jesus, that everything is nothing, everything is nothing." And to those who stood next to her: "Do not cry. I'm happy: to see Jesus I must die. " The doctor who operated her, who was professor Ettore Greggio, testified: "She thanked me, almost apologizing for not healing, and for giving me sorrow by not healing. She said that she was sorry "for us" to die but she was pleased … and added that she would pray for me as well as for other loved ones. I had to leave the room not to cry”.

Today (January 2017) the chapel can be visited and nearby her deathbed is still preserved.

  • Photos and main text by Alessia Bellotto moc.liamg|85.ottolleb.aissela#| and Valentina Blasi moc.liamg|79.isalb.v#| (January 2017)

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