old Hospital "Santa Maria delle Nevi"

The old hospital “Santa Maria delle Nevi” in Sinalunga (via Guerrazzi, 1) draws its origins from a small hospice that in 1289 the Company of the Blessed Virgin of the Snows founded in the Fonti district for the hospitalization and assistance of the sick poor of the land of Sinalunga. This primitive hospice grew over time due to the charity of the people and the continuous bequests of wealthy families. After various vicissitudes and a period of decline, the Grand Duke of Tuscany Francesco Stefano di Lorena on 18 March 1749 ordered its reopening in the house donated by Angela Golini Pollinari, giving it the name of the ancient Company of the Virgin of the Snows. Having also overcome the danger of a new suppression in 1755, the hospital was transferred in 1780 to the building annexed to the Collegiate Church of San Martino1. Nowadays, the building hosts several public-health services.


The historical list of benefactors of the Hospital, starting from Angela Golini Pollinari in 1729.

  • Photos by Ludovico Carbone moc.liamg|1enobracocivodul#| and Luigi Marano ti.isinu|onaram.igiul#| (November 2022)

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