Old "Manicomio Giudiziario di Aversa"

The old "Manicomio Giudiziario" is located in Aversa. Convent of San Francesco di Paola until 1808, it was later turned into a house for criminal invalid persons. In 1876 nineteen insane criminals were locked up into the building. It was the first example of those institutions which would later be called criminal psychiatric hospitals. In 1904, the section for insane people was expanded and turned into an autonomous Direction. In 1907 the asylum passed under the direction of the psychiatrist Filippo Saporito who carried out therein remarkable studies on language diseases and the criminal psyche. In 1976 the institution was officially named "psychiatric criminal hospital". In 2012 the law established the closure of these institutions and the devolution of their powers to Regions. Since 31 March 2015 the Aversan hospital has no longer accepted incoming patients, and it has only taken care of the rest of previous sectioned people. Since 22 September 2016, the former criminal psychiatric hospital became the "Casa di Reclusione F. Saporito".

  • Photos and main text by Maria Chiara D'Amore moc.liamtoh|eromad.araihcairam#| and Rosaria Anzalone moc.liamg|99enolaznaairasor#| (November 2018), courtesy of Nicola Baldieri


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