Old "Manicomio Provinciale di Santa Croce"

The “Manicomio provinciale di Santa Croce”, was an old psychiatric hospital, in Macerata.
It was inaugurated on the first of July of 1871 and could host hundreds of patients thanks to its total capacity of 24.191 square metres. Doctor Giovanni Tonino was the first director of the hospital from 1871 to 1876. In the beginning, calm and agitated, were the only two categories of insane people, then from 1875 to 1878 new sections for women and men were established and those could go from agitated or grimy to relaxed workers. The psychiatric hospital of Macerata was one of the strongest promoters and supporters of the “Occupational therapy”, believing that work was an essential therapeutic instrument. At the turn of the century it achieved maximum development and became a national model because of its organization.

After the emanation of the law 180 of the 1978, called “The Basaglia Law” (written by Doctor Franco Basaglia), the hospital was converted into a healthcare centre.

The main entrance to the old Psychiatric Hospital


Doctor Gaetano Martini's bust


The different pavilions of the old Psychiatric Hospital


The memorial plaque. On this tablet it can be read the following Italian inscription: "To the memory of those who lived and suffered here until a new psychiatric culture, introduced by reforms, allowed for more humanity and efficiency in their treatment. We recognise those who were able to transform this institute into a body promoting the wellness and healt of this community."

  • Photos by Luca Mazzocconi ti.ecila|inoccozzamacul#| (January 2014).


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