old Ospedale dei Pellegrini

The Pellegrini Hospital, nowadays known as "Vecchio Pellegrini" is one of the oldest hospitals in Naples (Via Portamedina Alla Pignasecca, 41). In fact, in that part of the city, a Neapolitan Canon called Cesare Miraconda, founded a convalescent home for pilgrims in 1574. Giulio III had done the same in Rome in the jubilee year of 1550.

At the beginning, the facility was set in the convent of San Pietro ad Aram, near theGrande Giardino dei Pignatelli di Monteleone (The Great Garden of Pignatelli of Monteleone) where nowadays the hospital is located. Exactly in that part of the huge rural property, a knight from Malta whose name was Fabrizio Pignatelli, injured during the war, founded a pilgrim hospice.

Fabrizio was Miraconda's nephew. When the knight died, he bequeathed his uncle the facility. The canon moved his institution there; then he reformed all the structure and made it bigger.

Afterwards, the set of elements was improved until it got its maximum value in the second half of the XVIII century. At the same time, a new church dedicated to the Holy Trinity was added. Luigi and Carlo Vanvitelli worked on it.

This is what remaines of the original hospital:

  • The external facade of the hospital.
  • La chiesa della Santissima Trinità (the Holy Trinity's church).
  • A facade of the hospital on the internal cloister.

The project was completed thanks to the generosity of some wealthy benefactors.

  • Photos by Pasquale Simone Simeoli (December 2013)
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