old "Ospedale Gesù e Maria"

The Medical School of the University of Naples, being in need of a new teaching hospital, in late 19th century decided to locate it in the former monastery of "Gesù Maria" in Naples (via Domenico Cotugno, 3). The building hosted the hospital - "Ospedale Clinico", as it can still be read on the facade - from 1865 to 2009, when it was closed due to structural inadequacies. The hospital hosted, since 1896, the first Italian nursing school following the teachings of Florence Nightingale, the "Croce Azzurra" Nursing School, in a ward of the hospital.


The hospital hosted the university wards of Infectious diseases, Tropical medicine - which was firstly tenured by Aldo Castellani - and Otorhinolaryngology.

  • Photos by Luca Borghi ti.supmacinu|ihgrob.l#| (August 2021)


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