Old "Ospedale Santa Maria delle Grazie"

The ancient hospital "Santa Maria delle Grazie", previously known as "Ospedale delle Camerette", is located in the historic center of Lucera (via San Domenico, 32). It was built at the dawn of the fourteenth century by Blessed Agostino Kazotic in order to continue the tradition of medieval hospital in the town. Then the hospital was supported by the activity of the Fatebenefratelli friars, until the napoleonic suppression of religious orders.
The story of the old hospital was marked by the figure of the surgeon Francesco Lastaria (1860-1948); he worked there from the last 1800 until his death. In the narrow operating rooms of the hospital he operated with minimal means, a small gain and with the help of some nuns and nurses. In that hospital Lastaria collaborated with other doctors of the age like Alberto De Marchi, Eugenio Petrilli, Enrico de Peppo, Ruggero Cavalli etc…

The old hospital in the past

In these pictures1 you can see:

  • on the right side of the road the old hospital further on the police station.
  • on the lefth side of the road the ancient building over the church "Santa Maria delle Grazie".
  • the front of the old hospital between the church and the police station during a religious ceremony.

Now the old hospital, visible next to the church "Santa Maria delle Grazie", is a crumbling building.

The old hospital now


  • Photos by Livia Dell'Aquila ti.liamtoh|aliuqalledaivil#| (December 2010).

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