Old University of Sassari

The old University of Sassari (Piazza Università) is the oldest University of Sardinia, built during the early 16th century. This central building was the original location of the first four schools of Medicine, Theology, Philosophy and Jurisprudence. It contains some interesting monuments and memorial tablets of headmasters and medical teachers, who taught in the University. These monuments have been erected between the end of 19th and the late 20th century.


You can find the majority of memorial tablets and busts in the courtyard of the University.


This is the lecture hall of the Old University of Sassari.

  • Photos and main text by Sara Fadda ti.ilacsit|59addaf.aras#| and Nicoletta Miano moc.liamg|onaim.attelocin#| (January 2015)
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