Ospedale Angelo Celli

Angelo Celli” Hospital (Via Atanagi, 66) is located in Cagli, in the province of Pesaro-Urbino in Marche and it is a clear sign of Celli's will to improve the sanitary situation in Cagli as well as the complex drainage system project he designed for his hometown.


The hospital was named after him in order to commemorate his contributes to medical science on 12th September 19201
Moreover, in the hospital hall we can find an Angelo Celli's bust and memorial plaque.

Nowadays, the hospital might be closed because of the lack of patients and resources.

  • Photos and main text by Laura Risi Ambrogioni moc.liamg|inoigorbma.arual#| and Giorgia Guarnieri moc.liamg|79ireinraugaigroig#| (November 2016)


- S.Orazi, Angelo Celli (1857 / 1914), Bulzoni, Roma 1993, pp. 270.

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