Ospedale Antonino Di Summa

The second hospital in Brindisi's history after the Ospedaletto della Congregazione di Carità was named “Antonino Di Summa”. It was ultimated in the 1939 in Cappuccini street and its works were leaded by Telesforo Tarchioni. Unfortunately it was occupied by the Dutch army during World War II and then by US army until the end of the war in 1945. The hospital started his real activity only in 1948, with an availability of 250 beds (raised to 1.150 in late 1972). It was dismissed in 2002 and has been redestinated to different healthcare services.

  • Photos by Francesco Pirato
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  • Gli ospedali di Brindisi, tra storia realizzazioni ricordi, Pino Balsamo

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