Ospedale Gino Iannelli (original site)

The original site of the Ospedale Gino Iannelli can be found in Cetraro (Piazza Gino Iannelli). Gino Iannelli and two of his colleagues started to build the Cetraro Hospital's first seat around 1900. The Hospital was moved in Cetraro marina in 1975 and the original structure became the townhall theater Filippo Lanza.1


Recently, the square in front of the old hospital has been named after the doctor, a square that offers citizens and tourists an extraordinary panorama.


  • Photos and main text by Manuela Pietramale moc.liamg|elamarteipaleunam#| and Michelangelo Ricciardi moc.liamg|72ikimhcir#| (December 2018)

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